Digital Download: A British Columbian Legacy

Authored/Prepared by: John McKnight
Published by: Northwestern University
Date published:December  1990
Publication Type: Report

Description: This essay documents a citizen initiative to create inclusive communities in Prince George and Powell River. Beginning in November  1988  a few citizens in two British Columbian cities were contacted and invited to offer hospitality of their communities to people who had been isolated because of a label – ‘developmentally disabled.’ This citizen initiative was begun in Prince George and Powell River. It was initially sponsored by the British Columbian Association for Community Living.  I was given responsibility for beginning the enterprise and guiding its development for the first two years. During this time  I visited each city for approximately one day each month. In September 1990  I concluded my monthly visits with the conviction that citizens in each city were involved in creative  ground breaking efforts to include isolated  labelled people in the organizations  clubs  associations  groups  families and enterprises of their cities.  As I conclude my active participation  I thought it might be useful to record the principles that guided my effort. In a sense  these principles are a legacy. I hope they will be useful to those who are now involved in shaping the future work of the citizens.

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