Digital Download: The Real Meaning of Progress

Authored/Prepared by: Vickie Cammack
Published by: PLANfacts
Date published:May 2000
Publication Type: Article
Previously Published In: PLANfacts Volume 10 No. 1 Spring 2000

Description: A vignette on the evolution of a personal network. Daniel goes and gets his coat when Norman his facilitator arrives. This is the first sign of recognition for Norman after weeks of regular walks with Daniel. After three years of coming to network meetings Dianne a network member is confident enough to call and take Georgia out on her own. This was after Georgia’s dad had given up all hope of Dianne’s personal involvement with his daughter. Doreen after four years as a PLAN member feels enough trust to approach a member of her son’s network to be a trustee. In the middle of December I received a call from a member parent who wanted to talk about the lack of progress in her son’s network. Her first words were; The pace seems glacial. Later the same day I spoke to a facilitator who was despondent about her work and thinking of leaving PLAN. I’m not sure if I’m doing my job. I can’t tell if anything is happening she said.

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