You Are Not Alone

Planning for our loved-one with a disability’s future can be intimidating and often one doesn’t know where to start or who to reach out to. Over the years we have discovered that the best way to start is by connecting with other families who are in the same situation, by sharing information, resources and making connections.

When we share with one another we benefit in two ways. We discover practical and creative solutions to our challenges, and we experience the warm embrace of being in the presence of others who know first hand what we face.

Here are some recommendations that we have found useful:

  • Talk to other families who have a relative with a disability. Ask how they are planning for the future. Invite their ideas. Share your ideas.
  • Arrange a family meeting around the theme of planning for the future. Ask the members of your family what they believe is important to have a good life. Ask what allows them to have a good life? Take notes.
  • Contact a family-directed organization such as PLAN & Plan Institute and find out about upcoming workshops, meetings, and/or newsletters related to future planning.
  • Consider hosting a meeting or writing an article to share your ideas with others.
  • The important message is you are not alone.

These tips are from Making Peace with the Future by Ted Kuntz. Ted will be facilitation the succession planning workshop Facing the Future Together on May 6, 2017, in Vancouver BC. Click here to find out more.