A Thank You Letter to Ted Kuntz

By Tim Ames, former Executive Director of Plan Institute

While reflecting on my last six years as Executive Director with Plan Institute, I am grateful to be able to recall so many significant changes that have occurred. Among the things that stand out to me are signing Bank of Montreal as a new financial partner; succeeding in raising the asset limit in B.C.; having hosted many family led workshops, such as Facing the Future Together, The Caregivers Retreat, and Thinking like a Movement; as well as navigating our challenging financial situation, and building a solid and thoughtful Board. 

When thinking back on these achievements, the one person who was there through it all was our recently retired Board chair, Ted Kuntz. Ted either led these initiatives or played a very key role. The items listed above only touch upon some of the things that Ted has done to help Plan Institute during my time as Executive Director.

Ted is a wise elder and a thoughtful advisor. He is not the type of person to tell you what to do, but instead provides support and guidance to help you complete your work. Ted was always there when he was needed, but would take a step back when he knew we were doing fine without him.

To know PLAN or Plan Institute is to also know Ted Kuntz. Aside from the founders, Ted has been instrumental in ensuring the longevity of both organizations. I used to think that Ted’s contributions were because of his son Josh, who had complex disabilities; but what I have learned is that caring is in Ted’s DNA. If it’s not Plan Institute that he is giving his time to, it’s L’Arche, or a hospice, or another deserving not-for-profit.

I will personally be forever grateful for Ted’s selfless and significant contributions to Plan Institute. Plan Institute will benefit from his efforts for the rest of its lifetime and has greater capacity for impact because of him. 

 Thank you for everything, Ted.


Tim Ames & the Plan Institute family