Peace Begins With Me

An inspirational journey to end suffering and restore joy.

Peace Begins with Me: An Inspirational Journey to end Suffering and Restore Joy
By Ted Kuntz


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About the book

12 strategies for eliminating negativity and achieving peace within

In Peace Begins With Me, Ted Kuntz shares the story of his journey of making peace with his son’s disabilities. It is a journey through darkness to a life that is now filled with peace, joy and happiness. At the core of Ted’s message are simple yet powerful strategies that enable all of us to experience more peace and joy and create a life more of our choosing. Ted’s deeply personal story is an inspiration to all parents and relatives who have a family member with a disability and who want to move past pain and hurt, and return to peace and joy. You will be inspired and changed by this book. A must read!

By reading Peace Begins With Me you will discover:

  •     Six ways of thinking that feed your negativity
  •     Twelve strategies to increase your peace, joy and happiness
  •     The difference between stress and distress
  •     How to create Peace within.


Ted Kuntz M.Ed, is a former Board Chair of PLAN & Plan Institute. He is an author, parent and a psychotherapist in private practice in Vancouver, British Columbia. He has a Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology and 25 years of clinical experience. Ted is recognized internationally for his work in assisting individuals, families, organizations, and corporations to manage the challenges, opportunities, and stresses of life more effectively and joyfully.

“ Those of us who seek peace in our lives and yearn for more peace in our world, need look no further than this candid exploration of one man’s personal journey to discover the source of his own peace. His struggle to integrate words and deeds will be familiar to most of us. His writing shimmers with elegance and authenticity. It is bound to inspire.” – Al Etmanski – Author of A Good Life
“Exactly what many people consumed by the chaos of today’s world are searching for – find Peace and to keep it” – Rose Buchanan CEO, Strategic Results International