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Newsletter Archives


Fall/Winter 2019

  • Plan Institute – Reflecting on 20 Years
  • Executive Director, Tim Ames, Announces his Departure
  • Plan Institute Welcomes New Board Members
  • A Thank You Letter to Ted Kuntz
  • Access RDSP: Partnering to Help People With Disabilities Build a Better Future
  • The Conversation Lab with Don Shafer
  • The Critical Role of Personal Support Networks for our Loved Ones Living with Disability

Spring 2018

  • Canada’s taxman shouldn’t decide who has a disability
  • “Lives Too Easily ‘Written Off’: A Family Advocate Argues for Robust MAiD Monitoring”
  • RDSP Q & A: The 10 year rule is almost up. Now what?
  • Filling the Caregivers Cup

Winter 2018

  • An Update from Plan Institute and PLAN
  • Tackle Your Taxes and Reap the Rewards
  • The Power of Collaboration Over Competition
  • Income Tax and Disability with the Future Planning Tool

Fall/Winter 2017

  • Changes to the Disability Movement in 20 Years
  • 5 Things to Think About When Succession Planning
  • The RDSP – A Huge Win for Advisors & Clients
  • Managing your money: New indigenous financial wellness resource
  • RDSP Q & A: The 10 year rule is almost up. Now what?
  • The Future Planning Tool

Fall 2017

  • Plan Institute & Prosper Canada Launch The Future Planning Tool
  • How to Find a Lawyer who Understands Disability-Related Trusts
  • The RDSP: What is our professional and personal responsibility?
  • What are personal networks of support?
  • Endowment 150 – $150 Grant for BC Residents for Their RDSP

Summer 2017

  • It’s Time for a Basic Income
  • Filling the Caregivers Cup
  • Citizen Advocacy’s Lifetime Networks Pilot Project
  • Future Planning Tool
  • An Update from PLAN
  • Art of Belonging – A Night to Remember and Build On

Spring 2017

  • Partnering to Spread RDSP Awareness
  • Qualified Disability Trusts
  • Working with the Korean Community

Fall 2016 – RDSP Special

  • Reaching First Nation & Aboriginal Communities
  • The World’s Mine Oyster
  • The RDSP: Even Better than Expected
  • Investing in an RDSP
  • The Soul of Poverty
  • Basic Income for People with Disabilities