The Registered Disability Savings Plan Webinars

The RDSP is a Canada-wide registered matched savings plan specific for people with disabilities. It is designed as a long-term savings plan to help the holder be better financially prepared for their future. Eligible people can earn up to $90,000 in grants and bonds.

Upcoming Dates

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Level 1

Beginner RDSP workshop for those who want to learn what an RDSP is, who qualifies, how to apply for the Disability Tax Credit, and how to open an RDSP. This is best suited to people who want to learn the basics of RDSPs and get general information about the plan. No background knowledge is needed to get the most out of this workshop.

Next RDSP Level 1 workshop dates and times:

December 7, 10am-11:30am

Level 2

This Advanced RDSP workshop is for those who already have a RDSP or have already taken level 1 and would like to deepen their knowledge and learn how to maximize growth. This workshop includes more complicated financial information so attendees should already understand RDSP basics and review our glossary of terms before attending this workshop.

Next RDSP Level 2 workshop dates and times:

December 12, 10am-11:45am


What’s covered in each level

Level 1

This Beginner RDSP webinar is for those who want to learn about:

  • what an RDSP is,
  • who qualifies,
  • how to apply for the Disability Tax Credit,
  • how to open an RDSP,
  • how to access up to $90,000 in government contributions up until the end of the year the beneficiary turns 49,
  • how to get retroactive government contributions,
  • and reasons to open an RDSP in your 50s.

Level 2

This advanced RDSP webinar is for those who already have an RDSP or want to deepen their existing knowledge. Topics include:
  • withdrawals,
  • investments,
  • rollovers,
  • transfers,
  • and what to do when a beneficiary passes away.


These webinars are facilitated by an RDSP expert and held in small groups so that you can ask any questions you may have. We offer these sessions in two levels. If you’re not sure which level to take, click here to view the flow chart.

RDSP Webinars – Frequently Asked Questions

*Please note that we have cancelled all in-person workshops until further notice. This is a precautionary measure due to increased health concerns in Canada and globally regarding the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

RDSP glossary of terms


Who Should Attend

People with disabilities, families, healthcare practitioners, and financial professionals.

Do you have a group of 15+ people who want a 100% ASL-translated webinar? If so, please contact our Project Coordinator at or 604-439-9566 ext 155 to discuss this opportunity.



Information for people who are deaf or hard of hearing

These webinars are accessible to people who are deaf or hard of hearing as long as they are attended on a computer or mobile device that uses the Zoom app. The pre-recorded presentation has ASL and closed captions embedded into the video. For the introduction and live Q&A at the end, we use Zoom’s automatic captioning function. If you require ASL for the full duration of the webinar or have other accessibility needs that we have not covered, please reach out to us to let us know and we may be able to help.


Webinars: can be attended by computer from anywhere in Canada. All times are listed in Pacific Standard Time (PST). You will receive more information about how to access the webinar after you register

In-person Vancouver (currently on hold due to COVID-19)


Ric Tesan

Tom Mooney

Laura Mackenrot

Alison Izat

Are you a community organization or company that is interested in learning more about the Disability Tax Credit (DTC) or Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP)? If so, please email to find out about hosting an in-person workshop at a location of your choice, or hosting a group tele-seminar. 

All webinars are presented by Access RDSP: Plan Institute, Disability Alliance BC, & BCANDS.

For more information please email or call 604-439-9566.