Personal Support Network Facilitation

Ending isolation through personal support networks.

Personal Support Network Facilitation Online Course (self-paced)


1 seat: $300 per seat

5 seats $1200 (buy 4 get 1 free)

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About the Course

Finding friendship and making personal connections in one’s community can present challenges for us all under the most robust of conditions; for those who are isolated due to disability, illness or old age, developing a personal support network can seem insurmountable.  At the heart of Plan Institute is the belief that in creating a caring community with the knowledgeable assistance of a Network Facilitator, a person in isolation can have an active social network playing an important role in bringing resilience, purpose and joy to an otherwise solitary life.

Building on over 25 years of experience in facilitating hundreds of personal support networks for people living in isolation, this online course uses PLAN’s proven approach to provide participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to become a Personal Support Network Facilitator. As a Network Facilitator, you will have the tools to re-chart a life of isolation towards a life at the centre of an active and caring personal support network.

“Thank you for making this course available!  I have learned a lot. It truly has given me insight and alternative perspectives. A new way of thinking so to speak. I look forward to practicing these methods.”

This course consists of four easy to follow modules that are designed to be both practical and inspirational:

  • Understanding Personal Support Network facilitation
  • Exploration in developing a Personal Support Network
  • Formation and maintenance of a network
  • Addressing challenges and building confidence

The 25 – 30 hours of course instruction includes:

  • Comprehensive, accessible, self-paced, online training. This means that there are no set times in which you must log in to the course, but can complete it at your own pace, within the 6-week window.
  • Overview of the principles and theory of Personal Support Network facilitation
  • How to develop a network including the three development phases
  • How to maintain a network
  • Certificate of Completion for those who successfully complete the course requirements

Who should take this course

  • This course is designed primarily for individuals working with or living with people who are socially isolated including seniors, people with disabilities and/or chronic health challenges, and youth.
  • However, the course is open to anyone, including family members and caregivers who have a loved-one with a disability.

Designed by Vickie Cammack, Plan Institute and PLAN co-founder, and the Plan Institute team.


1 seat: $300.00 per seat
5 seats $1200.00 (buy 4 get 1 free)


Rebecca Pauls

Rebecca is an enthusiastic and creative facilitator with a broad range of experiences in community development and supporting people with disabilities. She has worked in various parts of Canada and internationally in places like Ethiopia, Zimbabwe and Guatemala. Rebecca is passionate about seeing the unique gifts that each of us have and is convinced that our communities will be stronger, safer and more vibrant when each of us is contributing and sharing our gifts. She has a deep appreciation for the roles that family and friends play in our lives and is committed to connecting people with other people and places around them.



“As regards the course, I am delighted at the ethos and values articulated in the content.  I have always been a strong believer in ‘contribution’ indeed the responsibility of a person with a disability to make a contribution, however I lacked the theory underpinning this belief and also struggled in the area of ‘capacity’ to make a contribution, this module gave me food for thought in relation to the contribution of simply ‘being’,”

“Thank you for your wonderful support and I learned SO SO much that I truly hope will help the people I provide supports for and empower them with rights to make their own life choices whenever can! And supporting them to live outside of the disability box if they so chose.”

“Thank you very much for all your help and support throughout the course! I really enjoyed the material and feel strongly that I will be more effective in my job for having learned it.” 

“Your supportive guidance and reflection has been so helpful and thought-provoking.  I am looking forward to trying to put what I have learned into practice, both in my work and in my life in general.   I would love to maintain this perspective, always striving to listen and view people as the sum of their gifts and talents.  I know some days that will feel easier than others!”

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