Wills, Trusts, and Estate Planning Webinar

Practical information to support your loved one with a disability.

Introducing Plan Institute’s NEW Wills, Trusts & Estate Planning Webinar!

This informative webinar will show you how to arrange your estate to support and protect your family member with a disability. It will also feature a live Q & A session during which an expert disability lawyer and a family expert will be available to answer your questions directly. Webinars can be viewed online from anywhere in BC!

Who should attend:

Families/caregivers in British Columbia who have a loved-one with a disability.


$25 per person

Upcoming Dates:

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*Please note, all times are in Pacific Time.

About the Webinar:

How do you arrange your estate to support and protect your family member with a disability? Becoming well-informed about wills, trusts and estate planning is necessary to secure the financial future of your loved one with a disability and give you peace of mind. British Columbians can now access Plan Institute’s highly successful Wills, Trusts and Estate Planning Workshop online. In this webinar, estate-planning attorney Brendan Pooran explains how to arrange your estate, prepare a will, and the various ins and outs of setting up a trust specifically for your relative or loved-one with a disability.

This webinar will provide participants with an introduction to the following topics:

  • Why and how to write and update a will when there is a family member with a disability
  • Ways in which to ensure your loved one with a disability is protected when family passes away
  • The types of trusts available for people with disabilities, including the differences between discretionary and Non-discretionary, Testamentary and Inter-vivos
  • The various tax rates differences between Trusts, including recent federal changes, and their implications
  • The roles and responsibilities of Executors and Trustees
  • Tips for finding the right lawyer for you and your family

The webinar will also feature a live Q & A session during which a Local Lawyer and a Family Expert will be available to answer your questions directly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we actually speak to a lawyer?

Yes, the first part of the webinar is a prerecorded conversation regarding Wills, Trusts and Estate Planning with Brendon Poornan a lawyer in Ontario. The second part of the webinar is a live question and answer period with Ken Kramer a Vancouver-based Lawyer and Laurie Geschke, a Plan Institute Disability Planning Helpline Advisor/family-expert.


What is the difference between the in-house and webinar?

This webinar is ideal for individuals and families who live outside of the lower mainland, or who are otherwise unable to attend one of our in-house workshops. This 75-minute webinar includes a 35-minute presentation by a lawyer who specializes in disability-related estate planning, followed by a 40-minute live Question and Answer period, also hosted by a lawyer as well as a Plan Institute Disability Planning Helpline Advisor/family-expert.
The online webinar provides an overview of the same topics discussed in the in-house workshop, though because of the shortened time, goes into slightly less detail. Both the in-house workshop and the webinar provide the opportunity for participants to ask questions directly to our legal and family-experts.


Can I attend from a different province?

While you can join from another province we do not recommended it as the focus of this webinar is on BC Legislation concerning the topic of Wills, Trusts, and Estate. Since each province has different laws regarding this topic it is important to learn about your provinces specific legislation.


Is the webinar prerecorded?

The first portion of this webinar is prerecorded, the second part is a live question and answer period with Vancouver-based lawyer Ken Kramer and Plan Institute Disability Planning Helpline Advisor/family-expert Laurie Gechke.

Is the webinar offered at any other time?

Because the majority of BC is in PST/PDT time zone this webinar is always offered in Pacific Standard Time.  At this time this webinar is not being offered at any other time of day.


Online (available to anyone in British Columbia).


Brendan Pooran is the founder of and a Principal lawyer at Pooran Law. He regularly provides advice to individuals, families, organizations, and government in the areas of: wills & estates planning; disability law; and corporate law for not-for-profit and charitable organizations.

Ken Kramer is the Founder and Principal of KMK Law Corporation and has been facilitating workshops with Plan Institute for a number of years.

Laurie Geschke is a lifetime member of PLAN, as well as being a dedicated parent and volunteer who has worked with a variety of non-profit, non-government organizations for over 30 years.

*Please note that registration is limited to 25 people, therefore early registration is encouraged.

This webinar was developed by Plan Institute,  with the generous support of Law Foundation of BC.


Ask about hosting a group webinar viewing!

Are you a community organization or company that works with people with disabilities and their families? If you have a group of people whom you believe would benefit from participating in our Wills, Trusts and Estate Planning workshop or webinar, please email learning@planinstitute.ca to find out about hosting an in-person workshop at a location of your choice, or hosting a group-viewing of our webinar!