What We Do

Innovation, Education, Leadership

Plan Institute is a National non-profit and social enterprise based in Vancouver, BC, that supports people with disabilities and their families by providing educational material and initiatives, collaborating on community-based projects, engaging with a wide array of partners to host innovative initiatives for change, and advocating for policy reform. Plan Institute was created as a sister organization to Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network (PLAN) and is, in essence, focused on the sharing of PLAN concepts and practices, and curating knowledge designed to improve the lives of those living with disabilities and their families.

Our three key areas are:

We engage in social innovation through community-based projects and partnerships that help to improve the lives of those living with disabilities.

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We offer educational initiatives designed for individuals, families and organizations, including workshops, courses, retreats, publications and resources.

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We provide collaborative leadership by convening a diverse group of stakeholders to encourage public policy reform and system transformation.

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