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Wills, Trusts, & Estate Planning Webinars (BC)

In this workshop, you will learn how to arrange your estate, prepare a will, and the various ins and outs of setting up a trust specifically for your relative or loved one with a disability.

Lawyers List

Over the years Plan Institute has compiled a list of Lawyers and Trustees that have been recommended to us by families.

Future Planning Resources

Whether future planning is the last thing on your mind right now or is a top priority, these resources are here to help you whenever you are ready. 


safe and secure

Safe and Secure: Seven Steps on the Path to a Good Life for People with Disabilities

An inspirational guidebook for parents and other family members who are concerned about the future of their relative with a disability, particularly after the parents are gone.


Disability Planning Helpline: 1-844-311-7526

Call our toll-free helpline and speak to a family expert about any disability future planning information questions you may have, including on the RDSP, estate planning, advocacy approaches, government benefit programs, and social network building.


""Future Planning Tool

A free online tool to help you or anyone with a disability build a plan to help you secure the future. Topics include financial planning, housing, relationships, contribution, personal support networks, legal decision making, provincial benefits and more. Currently serves BC and Ontario.
To access this tool, go to



Planning for a Good life Webinar

This webinar discusses how planning for a good life can lead to achieving greater peace of mind about the present. This webinar also introduces the online Future Planning Tool for Persons with Disabilities*, a resource that helps you, your family, and your clients create a financial plan.
Click here to watch the webinar

""IMPACT-Ability Webinar Series

To celebrate the “impact-ability” of people in the disability movement, Plan Institute sponsored a seven part webinar series based on the book IMPACT: Six Patterns to Spread Your Social Innovation by Al Etmanski, co-presented with Tamarack Institute. Each session was based on a pattern from the book. Al and Vickie hosted the series and were joined by seven experienced and inspirational change-makers between October 2016 and February 2017.



RDSP Resources

Visit for everything you’d ever need to know about the RDSP; including how to become eligible, open an account, and maximize your savings, as well as an online tutorial, a downloadable plain-language Step-by-Step Guide, and our easy-to-use RDSP Calculator that shows you how much money you can grow over the years.


RDSP Webinar

We now offer our popular in-person RDSP workshop in an online format in order to make it more accessible. These webinars are facilitated by an RDSP expert and allow time for you to ask any questions you may have.
Click here to see upcoming dates and to register.

RDSP Tutorial

The tutorial includes information on the history of the RDSP, getting started, opening and managing your account, and more. Click here to take the tutorial now.

RDSP Calculator

The RDSP Calculator is a tool to help you assess the potential of opening and contributing to an RDSP. The estimates provided by the Calculator are for information purposes only. The profile of your RDSP may differ from the RDSP Calculator projection. Click here to access the RDSP Calculator.

Endowment 150 Grant

The Endowment 150 grant offers eligible people with disabilities a one-time grant of $150 to help their Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) grow. Grants are available for BC residents with RDSPs who are under the age of 18, or adults with low incomes.
You can apply for this grant online.

RDSP Step-by-Step Guide

This guide will help you to become eligible, open, and manage your RDSP.
View the PDF here.

Relationships and Connections

Personal Support Network Facilitation – Online Course

This 6-week online course provides caregivers, support workers, and family members an in-depth look at how to build a network of caring relationships around someone who is vulnerable and isolated due to disability, illness, or old age. At the heart of Plan Institute is the belief that in creating a caring community, a person in isolation can have an active social network playing an important role in bringing resilience, purpose and joy to an otherwise solitary life.
Learn more and register here.

Become a member of Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network (PLAN)

In British Columbia, PLAN offers two specific ways to collaborate with families: Lifetime Membership or the Family Network Program. Learn more about PLAN’s membership options here.

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