Wills, Trusts and Estate Planning

Becoming well-informed about wills, trusts and estate planning is necessary to secure the financial future of your loved one with a disability. In our Wills, Trusts and Estate Planning Workshop or Webinar, you’ll learn how to arrange your estate, prepare a will, and the various ins and outs of setting up a trust specifically for your relative or loved-one with a disability.

For more information and upcoming dates, please choose from either our In-Person Workshop or our Online Webinar options below.

Are you a community organization or company that works with people with disabilities and their families? If you have a group of people whom you believe would benefit from participating in our Wills, Trusts and Estate Planning workshop or webinar, please email learning@planinstitute.ca to find out about hosting an in-person workshop at a location of your choice, or hosting a group-viewing of our webinar!

Wills, Trusts & Estate Planning IN-PERSON WORKSHOP

An in-person workshop hosted at the Plan Institute office in Vancouver that provides in-depth insight into future planning specific to the needs of someone with a disability.

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Wills, Trusts and Estate Planning WEBINAR

This pre-recorded webinar includes a live Q & A with an expert disability lawyer as well as a family member who has been through the process. This online version of Plan Institute’s highly successful Wills, Trusts and Estate Planning (WTE) course is available for residents BC.

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