Sharing PLAN's concepts, practices and knowledge with the community at large.

Plan Institute was created by Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network(PLAN) and incorporated in 1999, as a “citizen sector” charitable organization. The two organizations evolved together and continue to share a common goal “to create good lives for all people with disabilities and their families”.

In essence, Plan Institute is focused on the sharing of PLAN concepts and practices, and curating knowledge designed to improve the lives of those living with disabilities and their families. It fosters public and social policy development and implementation that encourages the adoption of these ideas. For its part, PLAN remains focused directly on serving its members and networks.

Although a financially self-sustaining entity, Plan Institute continues to work collaboratively with PLAN and our joint networks. We endeavour to continue our role in the family led disability movement to promote and demonstrate the success of the community-based concepts, principles and values Plan Institute represents.