RDSP Webinar – FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) workshops/webinars that we offer. If you have any other questions, please get in touch with us at info@rdsp.com.


What is the difference between the in-house and online workshops?

-RDSP Level 1: There is almost no difference between the in-house and online workshop other than the format.

-RDSP Level 2: The online version covers the same topics as the in-house version although the online version has been shortened so that the total webinar time is around 90 minutes. The in-house version typically lasts between 2.5-3 hours and includes a 15-minute break in-between, with more time for questions throughout the workshop.


What topics are covered in these workshops?

-RDSP Level 1: What is the RDSP?; RDSP Eligibility Checklist; What is the DTC?; Free Money – Grants & Bonds; Reasons to open an RDSP in your 50s; Repayment Rule; Who can set up an RDSP?; How do I open an RDSP?; and Free Support

-RDSP Level 2: Demonstration of RDSP Calculator; Managing Holders; Long-Term RDSP Considerations; Managing Investments; Withdrawals; Death of a Beneficiary; Some Final Helpful Hints; Question Period


Is the online version accessible to people who are deaf or hard of hearing?

Yes. As long as you are attending on a computer or mobile device that uses the Zoom app. We currently have live captioning offered throughout the webinar and are in the process of integrating captions and ASL into the pre-recorded presentation. We hope to have this finalized sometime in the spring of 2021 if not sooner.


Can I attend the webinars from anywhere in Canada?

Yes. The information shared applies to people across Canada as the RDSP is a federal program. Please note that all of our webinars are scheduled in the PST/PDT time zone and so evening webinars may not be suitable for people in all provinces and territories.


Is the online workshop pre-recorded?

Partially. The presentation for both webinars is pre-recorded while the introduction and Question and Answer period at the end is live.


Will the webinar be recorded for viewing later?

Yes. The entire webinar is recorded and made available to participants within 24 hours of the presentation. The recording will be available for one month after the webinar has been completed and then will be deleted from public access.


Should I take notes during the workshop?

No. Unless there are things discussed during the Question and Answer period that you would like to have written down. All participants will be directed to a short 1-2 minute survey after the webinar has been completed. If participants attend in-person, they will fill out a hard-copy survey and must provide their email address or request a hard copy version of the resources. Once you finish sharing your valuable thoughts, you will be directed to a webpage that will include all of the presentation handouts or be provided with hard copies of all of these materials. This includes a detailed notes package with all of the presentation slides and content written down, along with the speaker’s information.


I’m no longer able to make the webinar or in-person workshop I registered for. Can I register for another session?

Yes. All these workshops are offered free of charge and are scheduled on an ongoing basis. If you are unable to attend, please contact our Projects Coordinator Melissa at mcairns@planinstitute.ca or call them at 604-439-9566 ext 155 to cancel your registration.


Will I be able to ask questions throughout the webinar?

Because the webinar presentation is pre-recorded there will be limited opportunity to ask questions during the presentation. We encourage you to write your questions down if you are on the phone or type them into the Q&A box on your screen. We will answer all questions in order during the Q&A period, and people will have the opportunity to unmute themselves to ask their questions verbally. For those who attend via phone, we will be allowing all phone attendees to unmute themselves during the Q&A first so that they can ask questions as well.


My question didn’t get answered and I still need help. Who do I contact?

In the survey that all attendees will be directed to there is a space to ask for a follow up from one of our helpline advisors. You can put your question(s) and contact information there and expect a follow up within a few business days. You are also welcome to reach out to our Helpline at any point by calling 1-844-311-7526 or emailing info@rdsp.com.