Building momentum for the Canadian Disability Benefit

Learning Series

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This webinar series is a collaboration between individuals, groups, coalitions and organizations from across Canada, without which this would not be possible.

A 4-part online learning series on the proposed Canadian Disability Benefit

Hosted by Rabia Khedr

You may have already joined us for part one of this series: At long last, a Canada Disability Benefit is coming – What should it look like? This second series will be an additional 4 part conversation on Building momentum for the Canadian Disability Benefit.

About This Series

Achieving a Canadian Disability Benefit is an historic opportunity to end disability poverty. No other government in the world has made such a commitment. It will take a lot of work to turn that opportunity into a reality that is meaningful and inclusive. It will take widespread engagement by disabled people from every corner of the country. Including leadership from Quebec and those from racial minorities, the indigenous community, and those discriminated against because of age, race, colour, gender, and sexuality. It will also take widespread popular support from regular Canadians. Finally, it will take bold political decision making.

As preparation for the job ahead we are presenting this four-part webinar series to learn from four Canadians with expertise and experience at system change.

Goals of Learning Series

  • To learn from other successful movements
  • To strengthen the social, political, economic and cultural power of the Canadian disability movement
  • To clarify the role of parents, families, service providers, funders and other allies in supporting disability leadership
  • To secure a Canadian Disability Benefit that is meaningful, inclusive and ends disability poverty


* Please see registration links below. We strongly encourage you to commit to all four sessions.

  • Registration is free.
  • Each session will last for 90 minutes except for the final session which will be 2 hours.
  • Accessible Communication and French -English translation.
  • English live caps, ASL and LSQ interpretation, and plain language availability.

*Please register for each session individually. 

1  | The Power of New Forms of Democratic Engagement

Western democracies and their institutions are struggling to sustain the energy and confidence of their citizens and face the very real threat of growing “polarization, populism, and pessimism.” Renewing this confidence — ‘democracy’s second act’ — requires imagining an expanded role for citizens beyond the ballot box or traditional advisory committees. An expanded role that affords significantly more people the opportunity to exercise public judgement and represent the needs and interests of others. Particularly disabled people. Peter MacLeod is a pioneer in citizen assemblies and other proven and innovative approaches to democracy that have emerged around the world. He will talk about his decade-long effort to carve out new ways for thousands of Canadians to advise and work with government and why he believes representative democracy can and must be renewed.

Date: November 5th, 11:30am-1pm PST/2:30pm-4pm EST

Guest: Peter MacLeod, founder MASS LBP

Session completed. Recordings will be made available soon.

Resources from Session 1 & 2

2  |  The Power of Inclusive Design

We need a society where it is possible for people, with the full range of human difference, to participate, contribute and benefit from societal supports. One worry is that the Canadian Disability Benefit will exclude too many people. Inclusive design as pioneered by our guest speaker can turn that worry into an opportunity. Her inclusive design framework is intended to be more like a trellis that supports organic growth and provides a foundation from which to innovate and evolve. It has emerged, evolved, been tested, and refined over 25-years history, in dozens of global initiatives. Her design process recognizes human variability and the uniqueness of each individual. It’s an alternative to the one size fits all approach.

Date: November 12th, 10am-11:30am PST / 1pm-2:30pm EST

Guest: Jutta Treviranus, OCAD

Session completed. Recordings will be made available soon. 

Resources from Session 1 & 2 

3  |  The Power of a Disability Media

This webinar starts from the premise that we are already a disability media. That we have common purpose, rich and varied stories, and legions of public opinion shapers who use a variety of media platforms. When we bring all these together, we become a media power that rivals traditional media outlets. And enables us to become a peer of mainstream media, influence the stories they cover. Address the negative myths, stigma, stories and attitudes about people with disabilities. And rally ordinary Canadians behind specific disability initiatives like a Canadian Disability Benefit.

Date: November 19th, 10am-11:30am PST / 1pm-2:30pm EST

Guest: Delyse Sylvester, Social Currents

Session completed. Recordings will be made available soon. 

Resources from Session 1 -3

4  |  The Power of Working Together

We can only go so far working only with our friends and colleagues. Our hopes and dreams will remain unfulfilled unless we are willing and able to work with others—sometimes including people we don’t agree with or like or trust. Such collaborations present both opportunities and challenges, including in the disability world with conflicts among groups, organizations, and family members. Other movements have surmounted similar challenges. This session will focus on lessons from other movements who have faced similar challenges and thrived despite or because of their differences.

Date: November 26th, 10am-12pm PST /1pm-3pm EST

Guest: Adam Kahane




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