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At Plan Institute, one of our major initiatives is to encourage financial security via uptake of the Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP). The RDSP is a powerful savings tool similar to a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) but designed specifically for people living with a disability. It offers people the opportunity to save for the future, and also to take advantage of up to $90,000 the federal government may provide on their behalf. Even a small investment will attract a government grant contribution, so it can be an excellent return on investment.

We have many resources available to help you learn about, become eligible and open an RDSP. Click on one of the options below to get started.

RDSP wesbite

This website hosts an RDSP tutorial, frequently asked questions, and many other resources to help you learn about and access the RDSP.

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RDSP Webinars

Learn everything they need to know about becoming eligible, opening and maximizing the benefits from an RDSP. We offer levels 1 and 2, depending on existing knowledge.

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RDSP Helpline

People can call our toll-free Helpline anytime from anywhere in Canada and an advisor will get back to them within 2-3 business days. All advisors are either a person with a disability or a family member. 1-844-311-7526 / info@rdsp.com.

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$150 Grant for BC Residents

The Endowment 150 grant is a $150 one-time grant for all children with an RDSP and adults on low incomes, to help them save for the future by jump-starting their RDSP.

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RDSP calculator

Project the estimated future value of an RDSP and the approximate value of future withdrawal payments with the RDSP calculator. Run various scenarios to see how they would affect the outcome. 

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DTC Support

Our partners at DABC provide direct support by helping people who are eligible for the RDSP to apply for the Disability Tax Credit, a pre-requisite for the RDSP.

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Indigenous RDSP Navigation

If you are an Indigenous person living with a disability, the BCANDS RDSP Navigation program can help you to open an RDSP to assist you in meeting future financial needs.

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RDSP Step by Step Guide

The Step by Step Guide: To Becoming Eligible, Opening and Managing Your RDSP will help you complete each of the steps needed to become eligible for, open, and manage an RDSP.

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