Art of Belonging – A Night to Remember and Build On

This year Partners for Planning held their first ever live event in Toronto. A diverse group of six dedicated activists spoke on themes ranging from grassroots community building, to the profound insights gained as a result of living with disability, to the meaning of authentic inclusion, among many other such timely topics.

The P4P production team worked hard to make this special event accessible far and wide via a live webcast. From the hundreds of guests attending the live event, to the dozens of partner organizations hosting webcasts in communities across Canada, to the many individual registrants watching online from home, over 1,000 people enjoyed this uplifting and powerful evening.

Visit the P4P Planning Network to check out these inspiring talks.  P4P hopes to build on this success with another inspiring live event in 2018 – and, ideally, for years to come!

To watch all the video presentations CLICK HERE