Plan Institute Recognizes Indigenous Disability Awareness Month

Indigenous people in Canada experience a disability rate significantly higher than that of the general population. Indigenous Disability Awareness Month (IDAM) brings awareness of these barriers and issues that Indigenous peoples and their families living with disabilities face every day. More importantly, we celebrate their achievements and recognize the significant and valuable contributions they make to our communities socially, economically, and culturally.

Indigenous Disability Awareness Month (IDAM) was created by BCANDS in 2015, and 2020 is the 6th anniversary! Since then, IDAM is now annually declared and recognized by the Provinces of British Columbia and Saskatchewan, the Assembly of First Nations, BC First Nations Summit, Métis Nation of BC, Council of Yukon First Nations, the Town of Inuvik, and hundreds of other Canadian organizations and communities. IDAM is the only Indigenous disability specific awareness initiative of its kind in the world. The United Nations recommended that Canada officially declare November as IDAM annually.

By working together in compassion and respect, we can work towards a Canada that is inclusive, equitable, and accessible for everyone. Show your, your organization’s, or your community’s support by recognizing and proclaiming IDAM every year.

Plan Institute’s Proclamation of Indigenous Disability Awareness Month

Plan Institute is proud to work with BCANDS through the Access RDSP partnership. Along with Disability Alliance BC, our three organizations are spreading awareness and reducing barriers for all Canadians to access the Registered Disability Savings Plan and the Disability Tax Credit.

Indigenous people living in British Columbia who are looking for information surrounding the RDSP and DTC can connect with one of BCANDS’s Indigenous RDSP Navigators at 381–7303 – Ext: 204, or toll free: 1-888-815-5511 – Ext: 204.