The netClé Project – improving connectedness and helping independence

Tetra Society North America is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people with physical disabilities achieve independence. Within the market, there are not enough solutions catered to people with disabilities, or there are many financial barriers that prevent people from accessing them. With 30 chapters across North America, Tetra Society creates a meaningful impact in the community by creating customized solutions for individual needs.

In 2020, Tetra Society received support from the Canadian Government to develop and market an affordable and customizable device, catered to helping individuals with mobility limitations access their computer. This is how netClé was created.

The netClé team is striving to support people with disabilities by helping them be independent and more connected to their communities.

Here is a short intro video about netClé:

What is netClé?

netClé is a centralized hub with many inputs and peripherals that clients can choose from to suit their preferences such as button switches, joysticks, and gyros – where people can use their head to move the cursor. This device is designed to replicate the controls of a traditional mouse in a way that makes it easier for people with disabilities. The peripherals can be programmed to move the cursor up, down, left, and right; it can also be used to right/left click, drag, drop, and scrolling.

Along with each device, clients will engage in an assessment appointment with the netClé team to discuss their needs and goals. Each netClé is customized to suit client’s specific needs.

Until March 31, netClé is giving out FREE customizable demo units for clients to gain feedback and further improve the quality of the device.

How can people access a demo unit and how does the process work?

Getting a netClé device only takes a few steps!

  1. Interested clients complete this form on the netClé website
  2. Clients will participate in a remote assessment appointment via ZOOM with one of our occupational therapists and technicians. This is where the netClé team helps the client determine what functionalities and peripherals will benefit them
  3. The technician will configure the client’s device specific to their needs. We will then ship the device to the client, and follow up with a remote installation appointment.

Over the next 2-3 months, the netClé team will follow up with clients to listen to their experience and gather feedback. In light of COVID-19, netClé has transitioned to remote assessments and installations to ensure the health and safety of all clients. As a token of their time, clients will be able to keep the device completely free after the trial.

It is important to support one another within the community. netClé wants to provide its devices to as many people as possible to help them stay connected with the online world. netClé provides opportunities for people with disabilities to focus on the possibilities.

For additional inquiries about netClé please email or call 1-236-996-8110.

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