The Power of Disability Digest

a woman in a wheelchair in the ocean with orange fish all around her. by UK artist Susan Austin, underwater performance in wheelchair, 2013 aimed to challenge perceptions of disability
UK artist Susan Austin, underwater performance in a wheelchair, 2013 aimed to challenge perceptions of disability #womensart. Credit:

In researching his book, The Power of Disability, Al Etmanski discovered that people with disabilities have been major players throughout history. They have produced exquisite works of art. They have made us laugh, and touched our souls. They have fought for justice and have been instrumental in the growth of freedom and democracy. They have unveiled the secrets of the universe. If you were to take away their contributions you wouldn’t recognize the world. It would be a much different place and in much rougher shape.

People with disabilities are still doing all these things and more. Sadly, the history books have missed most of it. They have completely ignored the person with a disability, their presence and their contribution,  have downplayed their disability or given credit to someone else.

Al started the Disability Digest in order to bring awareness to all these amazing people and to correct what history has overlooked. Each issue of the weekly Digest leads off with a work of art, followed by short profiles, important dates and Did-you-know facts.

“Extraordinary acts are not reserved for the special few. The vast majority of people are making the world a better place, including people with disability. That’s why I wrote my new book – to awaken the world to the power of disability. I am optimistic about what we can do when everyone’s gifts and talents are welcomed and enabled.”
~ Al Etmanski

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