The Sibling Collaborative Survey

A brother and sister hugging.
[Image description: A cropped photo of a brother and sister hugging. He is wearing a colourful suit jacket with flowers on it and you can only see her shoulders with black straps. They are standing in front of a green bushy background.]
The relationships we have with our siblings are often some of our strongest and longest-lived connections. They become even more fundamental when our siblings are vulnerable or marginalized, as is often the case for people with disabilities.

The Sibling Collaborative envisions a Canada where people with disabilities—together with their siblings—experience positive well-being. An emerging national organization, it supports adults who have siblings with disabilities by connecting them to one another, creating and distributing relevant resources, and contributing to meaningful research.

Formed by and for siblings, The Sibling Collaborative knows first-hand that siblings are too often overlooked in conversations about planning as parents wrestle with myriad other pressing issues related to inclusion, housing, finances, and medical care of their children with disabilities. At the same time, it understands that as our society, systems and families become increasingly reliant on siblings as supporters of their brothers and sisters, the need to better engage, involve and empower them has never been more imperative. For this reason, The Sibling Collaborative raises awareness among organizations and other stakeholders, like government, of the critical role that siblings play in the long-term well-being of their brothers and sisters with disabilities.

Not surprisingly, one of the most significant issues impacting the well-being of our loved ones is financial insecurity. So many of our family members with disabilities are living in or near poverty.

As part of a multi-year national initiative, in partnership with PLAN, The Sibling Collaborative is working to help siblings improve the financial security of their brothers and sisters with disabilities—both today and in the future. But to do so, they need the input of adult siblings living across Canada.

By taking 10 minutes to complete this survey, you will contribute to the development of relevant resources for siblings on topics like financial planning, disability benefits and advocacy. You will also be eligible to win one of five $100 VISA gift certificates.


If you are a parent, please forward this survey to your children and other networks to help spread the word.