Canada Disability Benefit Act is Law — What Happens Now?

Bill C-22 achieved Royal Assent and became law on June 22.

The Canada Disability Benefit Act is a new supplemental income for people living with a disability. We achieved this historic milestone in Canada, together! It is the result of tireless efforts and advocacy from the disability community, as well as key champions in government including Members of Parliament, Senators, and Minister Carla Qualtrough.

Where We Are Now:

The Canada Disability Benefit Act will now enter the regulatory phase to tackle issues including, but not limited to:

  • Eligibility requirements.
  • Impact on other benefits.
  • The amount of the budget itself.

To address the important budgeting of the CDB, the Budget the Benefit campaign will be ongoing until the budget is released in February-March 2024.

To show your support for an adequately budgeted benefit, sign a digital postcard HERE.

Plan Institute’s Ongoing Commitments in this Process

Advocacy for:

  • A co-creation model to ensure people with disabilities are part of the actual development process, not just consulted.
  • Expedient implementation of the benefit that is also not at the cost of incomplete and rushed considerations of key factors.
  • Catering to the most vulnerable and hardest to reach because in doing so, we capture the needs of everyone.

We are committed to:

  • Being an active participant in recommendations to government.
  • Ensuring access is barrier free, in plain language, inclusive, and considerate of intersectional factors
  • Continuing our robust support of people with disabilities and their families throughout this process and beyond.
  • Prioritizing the direct voices of individuals with disabilities and their families.

We will continue to post news and updates on the CDB as they are released.