Level 2: Advanced RDSP Webinar Update

We have made some exciting new changes to our Level 2: RDSP (Registered Disability Savings Plan) webinar! Based on participant and facilitator feedback we have received, we have simplified the content in the presentation portion. We have also updated it to include new changes in regulations that have taken effect since the last webinar was released in 2020. The new video will be launched at our upcoming Level 2: Advanced RDSP webinar, on Thursday, May 23rd, at 7:00 PM PT.

While the key concepts are the same, we have streamlined the webinar to make it easier to understand. You will still learn advanced concepts relating to the RDSP, such as maximizing its growth and rollovers, however, we have revised the information to contain less financial jargon and make it more straightforward. Even if you have already attended a Level 2: Advanced RDSP webinar, you may still find the updated webinar beneficial, since it includes new information.

Updates include:

  • New regulations that have taken effect since the last Level 2: Advanced RDSP video was released, such as
    • how to manage and access the RDSP if the beneficiary loses their DTC-approved status,
    • and expanded holder options for adult siblings.
  • Four new detailed growth and withdrawal scenarios for beneficiaries who open the RDSP at different ages, including DAP and LDAP options.

Plan Institute was an integral part of bringing the RDSP to fruition. We continue to work to ensure that everyone who would like to sign up for an RDSP can do so and that it is being utilized to its full potential.

We remain committed to accessibility. We continue to offer ASL and captioning during all our pre-recorded webinar videos. Please note that currently, we do not have ASL available for every question-and-answer period, and we ask that you reach out to us directly if you require this support.

To register for our Level 2: Advanced RDSP webinar, please visit: