Endowment 150 Grant

A grant for children and low-income adults in BC.

The Endowment 150 grant offers eligible people with disabilities a one-time grant of $150 to help their Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) grow.

About the Endowment 150 Program

Plan InstituteDisability Alliance of BC, and the British Columbia Aboriginal Network on Disability Society have united to launch a new program designed to help British Columbians with disabilities learn about and access tax benefits that will help them save for the future. As part of this initiative, Plan Institute is distributing a one-time $150 grant to help low-income British Columbians to start growing their RDSP, thanks to the support of the Vancouver Foundation.

Endowment 150 grants are available for individuals and families with low-incomes who are residents of BC and have an RDSP. Read the requirements and make sure you send in all the items on the checklist with your Application Form.

You can find out on the Adult Application page or the Child Application page at RDSP.com.


Apply for the Endowment 150

If you would like to:


Want to learn more?

  • Find the answers to frequently asked questions on the FAQ page, or contact us for assistance at E150@planinstitute.ca.
  • For more information about additional supports and services related to this partnership, please see here.
  • To find out more about the RDSPclick here.
  • To find out more about how you can benefit from the Endowment 150 grantclick here.



These initiatives are made possible with generous support from the Vancouver Foundation.