Facing the Future Together

Succession planning for families of a loved-one with a disability

May 6, 2017 – Registration ends this Friday, April 28th

About the workshop

We would like to invite you to join us on Saturday, May 6th, for a day of learning and sharing. This invaluable workshop focuses on the transition of passing the roll of supporting, advocating and caring for your relative with a disability from the parents’ generation to the next. After attending this workshop, both the current and future caregiving generations will be better prepared for their future role and parents or current primary caregivers will have clarity on the next steps in implementing their succession plan.

This full-day workshop is designed to inform and assist all members of the family and their successors to:

  • Address concerns about the future and build a succession plan
  • Hear how other families are creating peace of mind
  • Consider how to share roles and responsibilities
  • Identify key resources
  • Balance wishes and obligations
  • Identify short and long term actions

At the end of the workshop:

    • Siblings and successors will be encouraged to develop a network of support with each other
    • Parents will have clarity on the next steps in implementing their succession plan
    • The next generation will be better prepared for their future role
    • Your loved one with a disability will experience safety and security
    • You will walk away with a work plan specific to your family

It is our hope that families will come together – both the current and future caregiving generations – to ensure a cohesive succession plan is built, inclusive of everyone. Families who don’t necessarily have a successor in mind are welcome to invite someone to support them as they go through the planning process.

Who should attend:

Families and support networks who have a loved one with a disability


Unitarian Church, in the Fireside Room, at 949 West 49th Avenue, Vancouver BC


$95 per primary family member, $45 for each additional family member.

*Included in workshop price: lunch, all handouts, planning resources and two publications


Ted Kuntz – Ted and his family were one of the first younger Lifetime Members of PLAN. Ted is a dedicated contributor to PLAN and serves as the current Board Chair of PLAN and PLAN Institute. Ted is truly treasured as a family leader and innovator.
Ted will be joined by family members who will share their experiences in planning for their loved one’s future.

If you are having trouble registering online, please feel free to email learning@planinstitute.ca or call 604-439-9566 to register over the phone.