The Importance of Planning for After You Are Gone

Planning for the future is something we value very highly here at Plan Institute. We also know that the topic of planning for one’s death is often a challenging topic to even think about, let alone discuss with others.

Despite this difficulty, over the past 20 years working with families, we have come to realize the importance of planning for a “good death”, especially for those who have a family member with a disability. In fact, the question of “what will happen to my child or loved one with a disability after I am gone”, is the question that sparked the creation of our sister organization, PLAN. 30 years ago a group of parents met informally to discuss concerns they had about the future of their children who had disabilities. PLAN’s founders were determined to re-think the whole approach to disability and to develop future planning strategies for families.

Ten years later, Plan Institute was formed with the goal of channeling the values, principles, and ideas developed by PLAN families to create resources, tools and support systems to help families plan for a safe and secure future for their loved ones with disabilities. 

To this aim, one very useful resource available by Plan Institute is the Final Act of Kindness planning guide. It was developed especially to help family members plan for, and guide their loved ones after they’re gone. 

To properly plan for the future of our relative we must anticipate and prepare for our own death. For the first time in history, people with a disability are outliving their parents. Planning for the future ensures that those who rely upon us for care and support, both emotional and financial, will be well cared for after we are gone.” (Final Act of Kindness, pg.7). 

Within the guide, you will find the following useful sections to help you complete your Final Act of Kindness:

  1. Preparing for A Good Death
  2. Joan’s Book
    • Information About My Affairs
    • End of Life Wishes
    • Information About My Relative with a Disability
  3. Resources

The first step is always the hardest. From all of us at Plan Institute, we wish you peace and clarity in your future planning endeavours and remember, we’re here to support. 

The Final Act of Kindness is currently available as an e-book download – to find out more or to purchase your e-book, click here!

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