Canada Disability Benefit Webinars

Part 1

Webinar Series: At long last, a Canada Disability Benefit is coming – What should it look like?

Date: Completed

In the recent Throne Speech was the acknowledgement by the federal government that COVID-19 has not only disproportionately affected Canadians with disabilities but laid bare long-standing challenges for persons with disabilities to access adequate programs and benefits. The government’s response to what the community has long known is a commitment to establish a Canadian Disability Benefit.

This is great news but we can’t just sit back and celebrate. We need to get educated because the federal government is going to start working on the details of the Disability Benefit program soon. When they do, we want to be able to tell them what the disability community wants, how the Disability Benefit should be shaped and how it can best serve the interests of people who live the reality every day.

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Part 2

4-Part Webinar Series: Building momentum for the Canadian Disability Benefit

Date: From November 5th to November 26th

The recent announcement of the proposed Canadian Disability Benefit is a historic opportunity to end disability poverty that no other government has committed to. In order to help shape this benefit in a meaningful and inclusive way, it will require the widespread engagement from every corner of the country, and the unity of the disability movement. In order to prepare for the job ahead, we are collaborating on this webinar series to learn from four Canadians with expertise and experience at system change.

Please join us for this 4-part learning series as we step back, learn and reflect. Together we can make Canada just, accessible, inclusive and #EndDisabilityPoverty.

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