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Canada Disability Benefit Webinar Series Part 1:

At long last, a Canada Disability Benefit is coming – What should it look like?

October 2020

How can the Basic Income model be applied to the proposed Canada Disability Benefit? This two-part webinar series was developed to help us collaboratively explore what the key ingredients and “must-haves” are for a meaningful, inclusive Disability Benefit in order to eliminate poverty for all Canadians with disabilities and avoid the pitfalls of other previous disability programs and supports.

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Canada disability webinar series 2

Canada Disability Benefit Webinar Series Part 2:

Building momentum for the Canadian Disability Benefit

November 2020

In order to ensure that the Canadian Disability Benefit is meaningful, inclusive and ends disability poverty in Canada, we must work collaboratively and learn from successful movements of the past. In preparation for the job ahead, we presented this four-part webinar series to learn from four Canadians with expertise and experience in systems change.

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IMPACT-Ability Series

2016 – 2017

To celebrate the “impact-ability” of people in the disability movement, Plan Institute sponsored a seven part webinar series based on the book IMPACT: Six Patterns to Spread Your Social Innovation by Al Etmanski, co-presented with Tamarack Institute. Hosts Al and Vickie were joined by 7 inspirational change-makers.

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Staying Socially Connected Webinar Series

October – November 2020

Isolation affects us all – disproportionately so for those with disabilities – and now more than ever, it is important that we ensure we stay socially connected.

In collaboration with PLAN, we developed a 5-part webinar series designed to help people facing social isolation stay connected.

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Planning for a Good Life
Tips for People With Disabilities and Those Who Support Them

Delivered in partnership with Prosper Canada, this webinar discusses how planning for a good life can lead to achieving greater peace of mind about the present. This webinar also introduces the online Future Planning Tool for Persons with Disabilities*, a resource that helps you, your family, and your clients create a financial plan.

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