Community Organizer Position with Disability Without Poverty BC

Disability Without Poverty is a national grassroots movement led by people with disabilities, whose aim is to end disability poverty in Canada. The movement emerged in response to the September 2020 Speech from the Throne, which included a commitment to a Canada Disability Benefit program.

The Canada Disability Benefit Initiative is a project of Disability Without Poverty. We are focused on ensuring that the government follows through on its commitment for a Canada Disability Benefit, and gets this new benefit into the hands of disabled Canadians as soon as possible. We will make this happen by consulting with Canadians with disabilities to understand what they need the most, then designing a benefit to significantly reduce disability poverty, because disability without poverty is a BIG promise – too big to be left to government to do on their own.

Disability Without Poverty BC is looking for a Community Organizer to support this initiative. This role will require the candidate to:

  • Convene and support a BC Disability Without Poverty Steering Committee to ensure cross-disability led initiative.
  • Liaise and support joint working committee of partner organizations and allies.
  • Build relationships, engage diverse stakeholders and build a united voice in the province around meaningfully reducing poverty for people with disabilities.
  • Liaise with Disability Without Poverty nationally and in other provinces and territories to build on, support and enhance the work being done there – share openly and collaborate deeply.
  • Manage BC timeline, develop work plans, and maintain financial oversight.

Read the full posting for the BC Community Organizer role and apply here.

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