Financial Literacy Month Wrap Up: Resources and Tools

This November was Financial Literacy Month. Financial Literacy Month, created by the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada, aims to strengthen the financial literacy of individuals and families. Throughout the month, we shared tools and resources to help you navigate your financial planning needs and better plan for you or a loved one. Also, everything we shared is free! Take a look at the resources and tools that were shared throughout November.


Plan Institute Webinars

Our webinars and resources on the Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) and Wills, Trusts, and Estate Planning (BC) can help you boost your financial and future planning know-how. All webinars are hosted monthly.

RDSP Webinars

In our level 1 webinar, start learning the basics about the RDSP, including how to apply for the Disability Tax Credit (DTC).

In the Level 2 webinar, develop a deeper understanding of the RDSP and how to maximize it. Each webinar includes a live Q&A with an RDSP expert.

Learn more and register for future RDSP Webinars here

RDSP Calculator

Find out how much your RDSP could grow by using our online calculator tool! The RDSP calculator can help you assess the potential of opening an RDSP and estimate the value of any future contributions.

Use the RDSP Calculator here

Wills, Trusts, and Estate Planning (BC) Webinar

Learn how to arrange your estate, plan a will, and set up a trust to protect the financial future of someone with a disability. There’s also a Q&A with a lawyer to answer any questions you may have. Please note that this webinar is focused on BC law.

Learn more and register for future Wills, Trusts, and Estate Planning (BC) Webinars here


Disability Planning Helpline

Did you know that Plan Institute has a Disability Planning Helpline? Our team of advisors can answer your financial literacy and planning questions as well as other disability planning topics. These include the Disability Tax Credit, the RDSP, wills and trusts, government benefits, advocacy, social network building, and more! Our helpline is available from anywhere in Canada and at any time, either by phone or email.

Please note, that the Disability Planning Helpline will be closed for the holidays from December 16th, 2023, to January 1st, 2024, inclusive.

Learn more about the Disability Planning helpline here


Benefits Finders and Budgeting Planners

These three tools come courtesy of our friends and partners at Prosper Canada, a national charity focused on financial empowerment.

Disability Benefits Compass and Benefits Wayfinder

The Disability Benefits Compass provides information about the four key disability benefits available in each province or territory. Simply select the province or territory you live in at the top of the main page, and it will show you what benefits you may be eligible for.

We were proud to support Prosper in developing the Disability Benefits Compass.

Use the Disability Benefits Compass here

The Benefits Wayfinder can show you what other non-disability-specific benefits and support you could be eligible for. After you complete an initial questionnaire, you will be able to see a whole host of benefits that may be relevant to your situation.

Use the Benefits Wayfinder here

Both the Disability Benefits Compass and Benefits Wayfinder can help you find what benefits you qualify for, give you more information on each benefit, and explain how to apply.

Trove Budgeting Tools

Trove offers a variety of budgeting tools that can help you manage your finances. These budgeting tools include a simple budget template, an income tracking sheet, an expenses tracking sheet, and a cash flow budget worksheet, all of which are available for download. Trove is also available in French.

Use the Trove Budgeting Tools here